Popular New Diet – What’s the Most Popular Diet of 2009?

Today we’ll be examining the most popular new diet of 2009. Its actually so effective that it could be the last diet you’ll ever need, in fact I would argue that any new diets will be based off of this one because it is setting the standard for how diets should be done. What do I mean by this? Well this diet actually burns more calories for eating food, no more starving to lose weight. So what’s the most popular diet of 2009? Calorie shifting.

So what’s calorie shifting anyway?

It involves as I mentioned eating to burn calories, but that isn’t exactly it. You see what you do is eat a diverse diet daily where you are constantly changing the types of foods you’re eating, so one day you might eat foods high in fat for the day, at dinner eating high protein. The next day you might eat high carb for breakfast, high protein for lunch and high fat for dinner etc. The next day it might be all protein foods. This constant dietary change forces your body to continually adapt and keep burning calories without end.

You see your body generally finds a comfort zone with your diet when you consume the same foods day after day. At which point your metabolism drops and is only stimulated through dietary changes. This is where calorie shifting shines, because the constant changes force your metabolism to stay peaked at all times.

Best of all permanent results can be achieved by calorie shifting, this is due in to the fact that your body will keep burning fat even once you finish the diet because your body has now been re-programmed to burn calories from eating foods. The flaw off all the other diest in the past is that they always based their effect off of limiting foods. They never realized that by harnessing your bodies natural metabolic rhythm by eating that it could be used to your advantage in losing weight.

Calorie shifting is more than a popular new diet of 2009 it is THE diet to beat and because of its revolutionary approach it is by far the most effective diet that exists today.

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